The invasion of the Coronavirus has affected us all on a global front. GES-AGM is monitoring the news updates and the information and guidelines coming from the CDC. GES-AGM has taken actions to help reduce the spread of the virus and reduce its impact on our company, our employees, our suppliers and our customers. Actions include:

  • Continuing to monitor various levels of Government announcements and directives
  • Curtailing non-essential business travel and customer visitations
  • Allowing employees to work from home using company communication networks
  • Maintaining production as possible to meet the essential requirements of customers
  • Ensure that communications to and from suppliers and customers remain open
  • Taking appropriate actions to continue maintenance of critical production equipment
  • Maintaining as possible important transportation of supplies in and products out

GES-AGM assures its employees, suppliers, and customers that the company will do all it can to stay vigilant during this health crisis and encourages them to do the same while this situation plays out.